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You've Got Questions.
We've got Answers.

We are the Goosehead-exclusive insurance carrier formed in partnership with SageSure and owned by policyholders. In other words, we’re not your average insurance company. Everything we do is just for you.

Our Financial Stability Rating® of A, Exceptional, from Demotech, an independent financial rating firm, demonstrates our strong financial outlook and ability to pay claims.

We structured our company as a reciprocal exchange to ensure our customers are at the center of everything we do. This kind of company is owned by policyholders and managed by an expert team known as an attorney-in-fact (AIF).

Our management team operates the company on your behalf so you enjoy all the benefits without any of the work. 

Fun fact: Reciprocals started in 1881 when dry-good merchants in New York pooled their money together to self-insure. Some of the most trusted names in insurance are also reciprocals: Farmers, USAA, Erie, PURE, to name a few.

But perhaps the biggest appeal of reciprocal exchanges is that they are not incentivized to raise prices to increase profits, which helps keep premiums steady. 

Elevate has a Financial Stability Rating® of A, Exceptional, from Demotech. It’s unbiased, third-party confirmation we can handle claims while remaining solvent.

Demotech ratings are based on a strong balance sheet, quality and amount of reinsurance, and adequate loss reserves.

Demotech ratings are:

  • Accepted by mortgage lenders everywhere.
  • Common for regional and niche insurers.
  • A strong prediction of financial stability.

We partner with Goosehead and SageSure to offer the best service at every turn.

Got a question about your policy? Get in touch with your Goosehead agent or call the SageSure service team at 800-481-0661.

Need to pay for your policy or access documents? Log in to your account at MySageSure.com or call 800-481-0661.

The SageSure service team is available at 800-481-0661 from:
Mon-Fri: 8AM-9PM ET
Sat: 10AM-3PM ET

We make it easy to report claims online 24/7 at MySageSure.com.

Need to talk to a SageSure claims specialist? Call 866-311-7243.

Connect with a Goosehead agent to get an Elevate quote here. Elevate is currently only available for Texas and Louisiana homeowners, but stay tuned! We’re coming to more states soon.

Elevate currently offers homeowners insurance and flood insurance in Texas, and homeowners insurance in Louisiana and South Carolina. We have plans to launch in more states soon, so check back for more information in the coming months.